Techniques in Developing Creative Imagery Talent
4-6 hours

For several years I have conducted group workshops on a technique that activates creative imagery skills.

A meditative technique to access creative imagery interaction with alternative lives and life forms for storytellers who wish to access and enhance their creative imagery skills.
The technique includes creating in the imagination a garden filled with flowers, trees, water and a sanctuary shelter.
The garden then is enhanced with birds and animals and methods are introduced to imagine mind-locking and traveling in the wildlife bodies.
The technique includes a process to imagine oneself in another life in an alternative time period and place.
The process also includes how to shift the creative imagery process to the use of creative imagery on stage to sew up a torn story.
This type of experience is often described as a "past life regression" technique therefore the discussion will include both a rational model and a magical model explaining the phenomena.
Workshop techniques are facilitated when located in a quiet area.
Learning objectives
Improve creative imagery
Acquire a meditative process that with practice continues the development of imagery skills.

The ability to access creative imagery skills while conducting a storytelling when the fabric of the story has been torn and needs to be repaired during the presentation.