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Christmas Stories 1
An anthology of traditional stories from Southeast
  - Introduction
  - The First Christmas Gift—Fourth Century Tale
  - And It Came to Pass
  - The Animals from the Wild Visit and Ms. Cat Stays
  - The Baby Speaks
  - The Holly Tree—Fourth Century Tale
Christmas Stories 2
More traditional stories from the Southeast
  - The First Christmas Tree, Candles in the Window and Mistletoe
  - Fergus O’Lorcain, The Irish Lad Who Had No Story
  - Ms. Horse, Ms. Mule and Ms. Cow
  - Hanukkah
  - Old Christmas vs. Epiphany & the Birth of Santa Claus & Etc.
  - The Birthday Party
  - A Circus Story at Christmas
Fish Tales
A collection of tall tales about fish and the people who chase them
  - Mr. Bass
  - Mississippi River Fishing
  - Ringtail
  - The Hobo Fish
  - Jean Shilling’s Catfish Farm
  - Lee Shilling’s Circus Catfish
  - Fishing
  - Fishing with Little Green Frogs
Halloween Stories
Scary Stories about haints, ghosts and things-that-go-bump-in-the-night
  - Tail Een Po
  - A Lighthouse Ghost
  - Soldier Jack
  - Mary Culhaine
  - Bridget
  - A Blend of Three Stories for Halloween
  - Spearfinger
Hunting for Tall Tales
A collection of tall tales about hunters, dogs and critters who outwit them
  - My First Job
  - Dogs: Frosty, BJ And Spot
  - My Mother’s Brother Ike’s Family
  - Aunt Irene
I Don't Tell Lies
A Short Play for Storytellers
Short & Tall Tales
Very, very short tall tales
  - My Father’s Brother’s Family and Ridge Farming
  - The Fence Posts
  - Rutledge
  - Rain and Mud
  - The Georgia Peach
  - Will, The Tornado
  - The Trained Squirrels
  - Dynamite
  - Road Building
  - Nassawango Creek Rip Tail Roarer
  - Donald and The Wild Tornado
  - The Lightning Bolts
Tall, Tall Tales
Traditional Tall Tales and Stories
  - Pop Corn, On Being Poor and Fog
  - The Electricity Elixir
  - Hot, Dry, Cold and Windy
  - Aloysius (Rocky) The Rooster
The Marriage of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell
Pre-Christian Saga adapted from a mid-15th century poem fragment and from listening to other variants of this legend from a number of storyteller
The Hunt
An Irish Celtic tale about Fianna Warriors

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